Premium Services

Finest And Professional Styling

You will receive a thorough consultation to address your specific needs during this appointment. Our stylists will advise you on the finest style for you, whether it’s a traditional bob, sleek long layers, or a professional yet playful look for men. While having your wash and conditioning treatment, relax with a soothing massage. We complement your style with a professional blowout and finishing touches.

While most organizations are still employing and relying on very old technology and concepts, hotheads addresses the professional cosmetologist’s contemporary problems. Expensive machines, tools, and contracts do not enable professionals to give the best services possible. Why spend money on big, expensive technology when a clip and a comb will be sufficient? There is no heat. There are no tools. There is no harm.

Best Coloring Services

Our colorist will construct a mix to complement your natural color or to create an entirely new look. All of our color procedures include a complimentary consultation and a 10-minute blow-dry. Pricing for any specialty coloring or color correction work will be determined during the consultation process. We are delighted that you have picked Synoshiscrubstore for your Hair Coloring need.

We strongly advise having a hair consultation before arranging your hair service. During the consultation, your stylist will analyze your hair and the desired style, and will provide appropriate pricing and the length of time required to achieve your desired look. The rates shown above are a general reference; the length, thickness, and appearance you prefer may alter the pricing. Some looks necessitate more than one appointment to ensure the quality of your hair. Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to working with you.

Long Lasting Hair Extensions

Hotheads are used at Synoshiscrubstore. We think that using hair extensions to enhance one’s appearance should never result in hair loss or damage. Our experience with hair restoration and hair solutions makes this an easy notion to implement. Our organization continues to develop exceptional solutions that are non-harmful and safe, while also making the application process quick and economical for industry professionals.